There are many reasons you actually need to duplicate your car key. First of all, keys get lost, pretty often. Sometimes you tend to be forgetful too. Sometimes it might be useful to give it to your child, your mom, or whoever it may be safe with.

Nothing is frustrating as losing your car key, especially because Commercial locksmith could be quite a process. Imagine getting into an emergency only to realize that you don’t have your car keys. Having a spare set in your house, or kept away for the set you usually use would come in handy in times like this. Unfortunately, not a lot of people see the use and importance of having your car keys duplicated.

Here are some of the reasons why it is helpful;

● Save yourself a lot of stress in case you lose your keys. If you ever lost any important keys, you know how stressful it could get. Losing your car keys is no different. Having spare keys would save you the worry and the stress if ever you find yourself in such a situation.

● You also get to save on the fees you pay a locksmith, should you lose your keys. Most car owners resolve to call locksmiths to help them unlock their cars. For a locksmith to unlock your car and secure it with new locks, it could be costly. Having spare keys will save you time and money.
How much it Costs

The amount of money you will pay a locksmith to duplicate your car keys would depend on a lot of things;

● Is it a locksmith, a hardware store, or a dealership? Whoever you decide to work with will determine how much it will cost. A dealership may cost way more than a locksmith.

● The car key type is also another factor that will influence the price. The make and model of the vehicle are equally important. A new or luxury car may cost more than simpler or older vehicles.